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Mobile Website Design

Did you know that half of local searches are done on mobile devices. What about your business? Is your website mobile friendly? If not you could be losing business.

Optimize Your website for mobile users

Many people are using smart phones and not just the younger generations. So how do we capture this growing market of smart phone users?

One of the first way is to make sure when mobile users go to your website online that it is mobile compatible. Mobile compatible sites are of a simple design and easy to read. They match your current website but with out any flash, PDFs, and limited photos. Think of it as a quick reference guide. What would your target market would want to know in a direct and quick way that still gives you a sense of who you are as a business?

Don’t miss out on sales because your potential customer is driving around and wants to know what is on your menu but can’t make out the PDF or wants to stop in for a hair cut and can’t find a phone number or your hours. Avoid missing out on business because your potential customer couldn’t find what they wanted in 20 seconds.

The number of Smartphone user in the U.S. is 91.4 Million and growing. Isn’t it time your business had a mobile website?

Nubson Design will work with you to create a separate mobile website that is parallel with your current site or create/update your business website.

Let the experts help you capture this growing target market. Call today to set up a free consultation at 701.730.1994 or contact us online.